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Car Supermarkets

Car supermarkets (and commercial vehicle, van and motorbike outlets) operate on a vast scale, requiring robust solutions that can manage high volumes of inventory while providing a seamless customer experience.
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Revolutionising Car Supermarkets with Premier Digital Strategies

Our solutions are specifically designed to handle the unique demands of high-volume sales environments, ensuring every vehicle is presented in the best possible light, and your marketing reaches the widest possible audience. Together, we can streamline operations, boost sales, and provide unmatched customer experiences.

High Volume Imaging Solutions

Master the art of vehicle presentation with our high-volume imaging services. Auto.Works hardware and software enables car supermarkets to process and showcase thousands of vehicles efficiently, maintaining consistent quality and detail across all listings, attracting customers and increasing sales.

Comprehensive Customer Engagement

Elevate your customer’s online journey with our integrated digital tools. From immersive 360° views to dynamic marketing videos, we offer a range of solutions that make discovering and purchasing vehicles online a delightful experience for your customers.


Marketing Digital Innovations for Car Supermarkets

Large-Scale Management

Image large volumes of vehicles on a day-to-day basis and efficiently handle all your inventory with ease.

Customer Reach

Expand your audience with dynamic marketing assets including photos and videos that directly contribute to sales in your business.

Imaging Perfection

Ensure vehicles look their best with our imaging solutions delivering consistency and quality each and every time.


In a crowded marketplace, provide customers with a reason to click-through to your business.

Customised Services

Access tailored solutions designed for the custom scale and scope of your car supermarket business.

Easy Integration

Benefit from solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing IT. Speeding up advertising & driving sales.

Ongoing Support

Count on our dedicated team for expert advice and support throughout your marketing journey.


Adopt scalable solutions that support your expansion goals, even across multiple markets.
“Since partnering with Auto.Works, we've witnessed a transformation in our business operations. Our online sales have increased while our vehicle process times have been significantly reduced."
Matt Barrick CEO
Car Supermarket

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