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360° Turntable Technology

Engineered for precision and reliability, our vehicle turntables allow dealerships, showrooms, and exhibition spaces to present stock in 360° of glory. With a focus on enhancing the visual appeal of every vehicle, Auto.Works' turntable technology ensures your inventory is not just seen but truly experienced by potential buyers.

Showcasing Excellence with Every Spin

Elevate the standard of your images with a product engineered to deliver consistent imagery every time.

Discover the unparalleled advantages of incorporating Auto.Works' Vehicle Turntables into your automotive presentations. Auto.Works' Vehicle Turntables redefine the art of vehicle display, combining elegant design with unparalleled silent functionality.


Superior Engineering

Each turntable is a masterpiece of handmade engineering, providing smooth, consistent rotations that ensure every angle of the vehicle is displayed.


Customisation at Its Best

Understanding that every brand is unique, Auto.Works offers fully customisable turntables. From size and weight adjustments to bespoke finishes.


Advanced Technology

Our turntables come equipped with the latest in control technology, allowing for remote operation and the ability to adjust rotation speed and direction.


Durability and Reliability

Durability is at the core of our design philosophy. Hand-built from high-quality materials, Auto.Works' turntables are built to last with a 5-year warranty.

Small VehIcles

Capture captivating imagery of motorcycles, scooters, and compact cars with our custom 360° turntables. Designed with precision.


For small cars, cross-overs and SUVs, our custom turntables offer a reliable and versatile solution. Engineered to handle heavier loads and larger dimensions.

LARGE VehiCles

When it comes to commercial vans, buses and RVs, our custom-made 360° turntables are designed to handle their specific weight and size.

Unveiling the Future of Automotive Showcasing

In a world where the first impression is everything, Auto.Works 360° Turntable Technology elevates the showcasing experience to unprecedented levels. Beyond their sleek design and robust functionality, these turntables are packed with features designed to transform any vehicle presentation into an event that captivates and engages.

Seamless Integration

Our CAD design team will effortlessly incorporate turntables into your facility.

Quiet Operation

Our turntables operate silently, ensuring no distractions from the vehicle’s allure.

Remote Control

Manage presentations with ease, using our intuitive remote control systems.

5 YEAR Warranty AND Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our 5 year warranty on turntables.

Versatile Use

Ideal for showrooms, exhibition spaces and preparation workshops alike.

Energy Efficient

Designed for low power consumption without compromising performance.

DISPLAY Solutions

Surface and Flush mounted options to optimise your vehicle display

Custom Finishes

Choose from a range of finishes to match your brand or aesthetic preferences.

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“Partnering with Auto.Works for our turntable technology has given us consistent imagery alongside reliable hardware assets that we can trust”
Jason Cranswick COO
Marubeni Group