Elevate Your Vehicle Imaging with the

Auto.Works App

Transform how you manage and present your vehicle inventory with the Auto.Works App, your comprehensive tool for vehicle imaging, inventory management and quality control.

Mastering Vehicle Imaging and Inventory Management

Professional Imaging Tools

Capture and upload high-quality vehicle images directly in app, using tools producing consistent results regardless of operator.

Real-Time Inventory

Effortlessly manage your entire vehicle inventory from the app, with capabilities to add, edit, and organise listings on the go.

Quality Control Feedback

Receive instant notifications on images that require reshoots or enhancements, ensuring your inventory always looks its best.

Streamlined Workflow

Simplify your imaging and listing process with streamlined workflows, reducing the time from shoot to listing.

Collaborative Feedback Loop

Facilitate a feedback loop between photographers, sales teams, and management to continuously improve image quality.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Access a detailed dashboard providing an overview of your inventory status, image quality scores, and actionable insights.


Optimising your Digital Showroom

The Auto.Works App equips you with advanced features to master vehicle imaging and inventory management, enhancing the appeal of your digital showroom.

Intuitive Shooting Experience

Guided shooting modes ensure every vehicle is captured perfectly, with consistent lighting and composition.

Inventory Insights

Gain valuable insights into your vehicle inventory, with detailed analytics on listings, views, and engagement.

Direct Feedback Mechanism

Implement a direct line of feedback on image quality, with the ability to request reshoots or edits instantly.

Enhanced Image Editing

Utilise built-in editing tools to make quick adjustments to your images, ensuring they meet your quality standards.

Seamless Synchronisation

Keep your online listings in sync with your inventory, ensuring all information is up-to-date and accurate.

User Access Control

Manage team access to the app, assigning permissions to streamline operations and protect sensitive data.

Actionable Notifications

Stay on top of your inventory and image quality with notifications that alert you to actions needed.

Dedicated Support

In the rare event that you need support, our team are there to help, providing you with assistance as quickly as possible.

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“The Auto.Works App is used across all our dealerships, it’s easy to use and delivers great consistency and high quality images each and every time”
Harry Grainger Managing Director
Grainger Motor Group