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Welcome to Auto.Works, we are revolutionising the automotive software industry. Our re-engineered platform is designed to deliver true performance and interoperability, bringing the power of modern software to the automotive sector.

Ecommerce Solutions

Provide a secure environment for your buyers

Seamless and robust Ecommerce checkout

From initial checks to fast payment processing, our robust checkout system ensures a seamless and efficient buying process for customers. With integrated payment gateways and advanced fraud protection measures, Auto.Works Checkout provides a secure environment for buyers.

Cutting-edge dedicated payment solutions

Auto.Works Payments is dedicated to providing cutting-edge payment solutions powered by Open Banking technology, specifically designed for the automotive sector. With our comprehensive e-commerce solutions, we enable automotive businesses to streamline their financial transactions.

Imaging Solutions

Complete automotive imaging solutions

Fully equipped drive through photographic booth with high-quality digital imaging systems.

Auto.Works Studio offers a complete automotive imaging solution, incorporating a state-of-the-art vehicle turntable, a fully equipped photographic booth, and a high-quality camera system. With the option for professional programmable lighting and an Image Control Centre, Our Studio range provides motor retailers with the tools to capture stunning visuals of their vehicles.


Elevate Vehicle Presentations

Retailers can effortlessly elevate their vehicle presentations to captivate customers. By capturing stunning imagery using the vehicle turntable, photographic booth, and high-quality camera system.


Streamline Imaging Workflow

The integrated system seamlessly coordinates the vehicle turntable, photographic booth, and high-quality camera, simplifying the entire process from capture to post-processing.


Convenient Control

The app's intuitive interface allows you to adjust lighting, angles, and image settings, ensuring your visuals align with your branding and marketing requirements.


Enhance Customer Experience

AW Studio's exceptional imagery creates a powerful emotional impact on potential buyers, driving higher click-through rates, longer browsing durations, and increased sales conversions.

Mobile-Optimised vehicle exploration

In today's mobile-driven world, our 360 video and photography solution revolutionises the way users explore vehicles on automotive sales sites. With our mobile apps and responsive design, users can easily access and interact with high-resolution, immersive vehicle visuals from their smartphones or tablets. The refined user experience is optimised for optimal viewing on mobile devices.

software systems

A comprehensive platform that empowers automotive businesses

Our re-engineered platform delivers true performance and interoperability, empowering the motor industry with modern software solutions. Tailored for motor retailers, our comprehensive digital marketing tools revolutionize their digital presence, streamline operations, and drive efficiency and profitability.

Streamline Workflow

Our software system optimises and automates processes, ensuring efficient and smooth operations for motor retailers.

Scout vehicle recognition

Leveraging advanced technology, Scout provides accurate and reliable vehicle recognition for inventory management and stock count purposes.

Datalake integration layer

Our integration layer seamlessly connects Auto.Works products and third-party digital solutions, providing a unified reporting dashboard for comprehensive insights.

Open Banking

Powered by Open Banking, our software system enables secure and convenient account-to-account payments for the automotive sector, enhancing financial transactions.


Simplify the automotive e-commerce experience with our Checkout system, offering fast payment processing and a seamless customer journey from start to finish.

Auto.Works App

Our dedicated mobile application empowers motor retailers with on-the-go access to key features and functionalities, enhancing productivity and efficiency in managing their operations.

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